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"Growing Your Practice with Online Patient Marketing: A Practical Approach"

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Dear Health Care Professional,

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If you are a practice or business owner in the Health Care space (such as a Dentist, Orthodontist, Specialist, MD, Chiropractor, Bariatric or Plastic Surgeon, or Spa Owner), this Webinar will be extremely valuable to you.

Gather your staff round the computer for an entertaining and informative look at growing your practice through effective patient engagement.

  • A totally unique way to engage with your patients/clients ... even though you'll probably be working less than ever on that part of your business.

  • How to finally spread the word through social media marketing and content marketing ... without having to worry about keeping up with the work.

  • You'll discover a unique formula that allows you to attract motivated prospects who know the value of your talent and expertise, and are predisposed to trust you.

  • You'll discover why it's often more profitable to do the polar opposite of what everyone else in your field is doing, especially in Internet Marketing.

  • You'll discover an easy and effective way to drive more visits and referrals ... without "snail mail" (which many of your competitors use).

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